EC – EE – EM – EZ Presses


  • Extremely sturdy frames, made from welded steel profiles, available as bench mount (EC series) and floor mounted H-Frame models.
  • Models are available powered by hand pump, air/hydraulic pump or electric/hydraulic pump. CE versions are fitted with remote motor control.
  • Table height is adjustable on floor mounted models, manually on 30 Tn, winch on 60 Tn and 120 Tn models and hydraulically from the main ram on 250 Tn models.
  • Vee blocks and a pressure gauge reading in tons are supplied as standard on all models.
  • The hydraulic cylinder on the ECM and ECZ bench presses can be easily be removed and used in other applications.
  • On the 30 Tn EM and EZ presses, the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a screw extension designed to minimise the pumping action required.
  • The EM models incorporate a two-speed hand pump for quick approach of the piston to the work piece.

EC – EE – EM – EZ  Datasheet



Capacity Frame Stroke Model Pump Type
ton mm Hand Electric Air Model
10 Bench Mount 155 ECM01115 W10607
10 Bench Mount 155 ECZ01115 Z12107
20 Bench Mount 159 ECM02015 W10607
20 Bench Mount 159 ECZ02015 Z12107
30 Floor Mount 150 EM03015 W21807
30 Floor Mount 150 EZ03015 Z12107
30 Floor Mount 160 EE03116 HBM7244
30 Floor Mount 160 EE03116-CE HBM7244B
60 Floor Mount 180 EM06018 W21807
60 Floor Mount 180 EZ06018 Z12107
60 Floor Mount 180 EE06018 HBM7244
60 Floor Mount 180 EE06018-CE HBM7244B