Z – ZR Air Hydraulic Pumps

On Z models for Single Acting cylinders, the pedal acts as the control valve, by controlling advance, hold and retract functions. In ‘hold’ mode, the pump maintains the output pressure.

On ZR models, operation is controlled via a push button remote pendant.

Double Acting models are fitted with a manual 4-way 3 position control valve.

Working pressures 700 bar and 1.000 bar.

Easily accessible adjustable safety valve.

Air inlet port: 1/4″ BSP Female.

Air consumption: 400 N l/min.

4, 7, 10 and 20 litres pumps with metallic tank.

Z12107 model  with base plate as option.

Also available aluminium free models.


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Z12107 Air hydraulic pedal pump



Z22107 Double acting pump                 ZR22107 Double acting pump with remote pendant