LX Low Profile Hydraulic Hexagon Torque Wrenches

Designed to tighten and loosen directly nuts requiring accurate high torque during bolt tightening and maximum torque during bolt loosening.

Low profile design and small operating radius.

Robust and easy to disassemble for maintenance without special tools.

The wrenches consist of a cylinder (LX_ _) and an interchangeable hexagonal cassette (LX_ _H_ _ _). Example: If you need a torque wrench for 50 mm hexagon with a maximum torque of 5.100 Nm, references to request are LX06 + LX06H050.

Wide range of interchangeable cassettes, from 30mm to 155mm hexagon.

Wide range of hexagonal reducer inserts to extend the range of nut size as option.

Fast release drive unit for quick exchange of cassette. 30° rotation angle and rapid return stroke.

Torque accuracy: ±3% across full stroke.

Wide range of accessories available: Extended Reaction Arms and Reaction Paddles.

Several models of HAT torque wrench pumps available.


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