HN Air Service Jacks

From 30 to 80 Tn.

Telescopic models with two and three stages.

Operated by an air / hydraulic pump. Air pressure required: 8 to12 bar.

Ram return is automatic. Constant and controlled speed under load, can be increased without load.

Check valves guarantee load holding, even if an air or oil pipe is accidentally broken.

Equipped with an over-pressure safety valve as protection against overloading.

Three-position handle can be lowered to place the jack under the load.

A hardened serrated load saddle and extension pieces of 70 and 120 mm are supplied as standard.

Easy to operate, with the control located on the end of handle.

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Capacity Stroke Model Closed Height Extended Height Handle Height Length Width Weight
Tn mm LARZEP mm mm mm mm mm kg
15/30 88+83 HN231 150 321 1.400 525 300 39
18/30/60 91+72+74 HN360 180 417 1.395 980 350 70
15/25/50/80 66+56+68+60 HN480 180 430 1.395 980 350 78