FU Hydraulic Pullers

Wide range of models from 5 to 50 Tn suitable for most maintenance pulling applications.

Manufactured in high quality forged steel.

FU Universal Hydraulic Puller includes the hydraulic components and all mechanical components:

Hydraulic part: Includes cylinder, pump, hose, pressure gauge, gauge adaptor, male coupling and hollow saddle.

Mechanic part: Includes 2 Jaws puller (FX), 3 Jaws puller (FV) and Complete Cross Bearing puller (FZ) that includes: Simple Cross Bearing puller with long and short extension pieces (FT), Bearing Cup puller (FI) and Bearing puller (FR).

2 jaw puller (FX), 3 jaw puller (FV), simple cross bearing puller (FT) and complete cross bearing puller (FZ) include hydraulic componentes and mechanical components.

The universal puller set FU, the jaw pullers, FX and FV, and the complete cross bearing puller FZ are delivered in a strong wooden box for ease of transport and storage.


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