AV – AT – AY Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic Force and Pressure Gauge

High accuracy gauges. Class 1.0 ref. AV10011 and digital gauge. Class 1.6 ref. AV10007.

Essential for monitoring working pressure. Dual scal bar & psi.

Glycerine filled gauges.

AV10007 gauge has 1/4″NPT thread and AV10011 has 1/2″NPT thread.

Gauge adaptor AZ1502 for AV10007; adaptor AZ1504 for AV10011.

Available digital pressure gauge AVD10008 ( 1.000 bar). Gauge adaptor: AZ1507.

Available pressure transducers AVT with software up to 3.000 bar. Adaptor AZ1507 up to 1.500 bar.


Used with Model kg/cm² bar psi Scale Lower Connection Gauge Adaptor
All Cylinders AV10007 1.000 14.500 50 bar / 500 psi 1/4″-NPT AZ1502
AV10011 1.000 14.500 20 bar / 200 psi 1/2″-NPT AZ1504
AVD10008 1.000 0.1 1/4″-BSP AZ1507


Power packs

AVT0100 100 1/4″-BSP AZ1507
AVT0400 400 1/4″-BSP AZ1507
AVT1000 1.000 1/4″-BSP AZ1507
AVT1500 1.500 1/4″-BSP AZ1507
AVT2000 2.000 9/16″-18UNF 9/16″-18UNF
AVT3000 3.000 9/16″-18UNF 9/16″-18UNF