Larzep for Grupo Arcen and Eurocrane

Larzep for Grupo Arcen and Eurocrane

4 STX22004 pancake cylinders with lock nut were supplied together with the HAM7221B powerpack for the maintenance of the bascule Bridge in Harbour Leixöes

ARCEN designs, produces, assembles and provides assistance for construction machinery such as plants and mixers for concrete, precast, RCC, mortars,

recycling units, crushing plants, asphalt plants, Hydraulic and Automation Drive Systems for various fields and solutions and control equipments for the automation control of the various types of machinery.

Eurocrane is an Engineering Company specialising in heavy lifting equipment, and engineers, designs, produces and erects Container Cranes, Shipyard Goliath Gantry Cranes and Power Plants Cranes, erects other equipment and heavy steel structures.

This time, the bascule Bridge in Harbour Leixöes, after more than 6 years of operation, has had to replace the Radial Spherical Plain Bearing of the North Leaf.

ARCEN through its sister company EUROCRANE has engineered all the technical procedures, operations and tools to complete the operation.

In record time, all the equipment was supplied in 1 week, with LARZEP providing power packs and 4 single acting lock nut cylinders STX22004, 220 ton and 45mm of stroke that were used to hold the bascule leaf of 600 ton in vertical position, under the leaf in reinforced locations.

A precise operation to release the load on the rotation shaft and spherical bearing, was successfully achieved by the precise stroke and load control of the cylinders. Finally the bearings were replaced.

The operation took 2 days and the equipment will be used in future operations to replace the bearings of the South Leaf.

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